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I often find myself wondering how people can live in such entirely different realities. One commonly discussed idea is that of online "bubbles", where we only consume news from certain sources and only talk about it with like-minded people. These bubbles often reinforce our prior beliefs and further distance us from those in other bubbles. One small way to help bridge this gap is to simply be aware of the full spectrum of news available to us. I've tried doing this by following a variety of accounts on Twitter, but there is so much noise on that platform.

A common thing I do is when a big story happens, or even when I'm savvy to the day's events, I check various news websites to see what they're focusing on and how they're covering it. I realized that this is a repeatable process, and therefore a codable process.

Pop the Bubble News screenshot

In response, I made this super simple news dashboard. It is divided into five columns, ranging from one end of the political spectrum to the other (as defined by AllSides research). Each lane lists the top 10 news stories from an RSS feed of that news source, and you can click the headline to visit the source article to read further. You can also click on the news source name (try clicking on "Vox (Home)") to select a different news source. With this tool, you can get an idea of what news is disseminated across the political spectrum at a quick glance. In short, you can pop the bubble.

If you have any ideas on how to make it better, any news source requests, UI/UX feedback, or anything, please let me know at raaid@protonmail.com.

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