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Current period ends December 31, 2021.


Agree on reality: Get U.S. online news readers on the same page with regards to reality.


Provide bias-aware slow news to online readers who don't want to be in a news bubble.

Current priorities

Next-up priorities

Key requirements

  1. Get 50 hits/day on website. Current by CloudFlare: ~35/day, Plausible: ~2/day. Confidence to achieve: 2/10
  2. Get 25 mail list subscribers. Current: 0 subscribers. Confidence to achieve: 3/10
  3. Get 25 Instagram followers. Current: 0 followers. Confidence to achieve: 3/10

Health metrics

Week's successes

Standup logs


What did you do yesterday? Unplugged for the weekend, Friday was the other project.

What will you do today? Reach out to another person for nonprofit related guidance, follow up with another person who has yet to reply, brainstorm and try to narrow down new names for Pop the Bubble, and do more research on my own for nonprofit related things since it seems I might be blocked by that.

What, if anything, is blocking your progress? People I've reached out to for guidance.


What did you do yesterday? Contacted people for nonprofit guidance, came up with more potential names, and found some good reading on nonprofits; to no one's surprise, it looks like a lot more work than I realized.

What will you do today? Tentatively pick a new name, have the penultimate version of the "launch" post, read more about starting a nonprofit, and iterate on the presentation of a cluster. Would like to have a format set out for "this is what the first email will look like".

What, if anything, is blocking your progress? Lack of knowledge on how to nonprofit.


What did you do yesterday? Picked a new name, have updated ideas about the "launch" post, namely that the longer post should be more of an informative thing on my website and I should have explicit "email ask" and "funding ask" writeups. I also sketched out what a cluster looks like with only the information I have currently.

What will you do today? Start building out the view with the data I have so far, and primarily the other project.

What, if anything, is blocking your progress? N/A



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