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UPDATE: The purpose of the Key Requirements was to measure interest for idea validation. Given that the idea is already validated to an extent by another organization (see Friday's stand-up notes), proving this seems less important, but this will still be important once I have a product to show.

Also, I found a research report from the Pew Research Center I bookmarked a while back that has a lot of data to suggest there is a young, online-news-reading demographic that knows there is bias in their news and would really appreciate tools/products/services that address that.


Current period ends December 31, 2021.


Agree on reality: Get U.S. online news readers on the same page with regards to reality.


Provide bias-aware slow news to online readers who don't want to be in a news bubble.

Current priorities

Next-up priorities

Key requirements

  1. Get 50 hits/day on website. Current by CloudFlare: ~20/day, Plausible: ~1/day. Confidence to achieve: 3/10
  2. Get 25 mail list subscribers. Current: 0 subscribers. Confidence to achieve: 4/10
  3. Get 25 Instagram followers. Current: 0 followers. Confidence to achieve: 5/10

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What did you do yesterday? Refactoring DB and pipelines and writing things on paper!

What will you do today? Refactoring pipelines!

What, if anything, is blocking your progress? Nothing atm.



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