My efforts on Pop the Bubble are now renamed to Nabu, with a new, updated website (opens in a new tab) as well. The overall goal is still to make tools/services to identify/understand bias in the news, starting with tools centered around topic-grouped articles. I have built a news feed (opens in a new tab) that groups articles by topic, and intend to build an endpoint and page where a user can input an article URL to get a list of all similar articles. I'd love to integrate it into a Reddit bot and a Twitter bot too, and even a browser extension.

In any case, Nabu is a passion-driven side project, and I've learned a lot in making this topic-driven bit. I hope to keep learning more as I build out features. There won't be any more standup or OKR posts (and there haven't been for a few weeks) as I have learned that bootstrapping a nonprofit startup without funding and without a revenue model is, to no one's surprise, very difficult to sustain, especially when you're doing it alone. I think I'll enjoy this more as a side project.



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