About me

Ra- Ryan?

I'm ethnically Pakistani, born in the US, raised all over, and have a "difficult" name. As a result, answering the question "where are you from?" can get sort of complicated, and moving a lot as an introverted child wasn't the most fun thing in the world, but I'm happy for the wide variety of experiences and perspectives I got at an early age as a result of it. As for my name, I like to tell people to "say Ryan, but replace the 'n' with a 'd'", so give that a try!


I am an electrical engineer by degree and a software engineer by profession. I'm not a fan of tech silos, so I like to learn about every aspect of a project instead of getting over-specialized in absurdly fast-moving spaces (looking at you, web dev). At the moment, I'm having a great time finally learning about Kubernetes, I'm learning functional programming through the language of Scala, and starting to build a data viz/storytelling portfolio. Check out the projects page if you want to see what I'm working on in depth!


I sing, play guitar, bass, and dabble in percussion and keys (and I also have a trumpet but I have 3 roommates so...). I also write, record, mix, and master original music and I occasionally perform with my band. Music is my forever hobby, and if you want to check out how I sound feel free to head over to the music page!

Nerd/lifelong learner/armchair economist/etc.

I have rediscovered my childhood love of reading, and I like learning about most everything (podcasts are GREAT for when your eyes get tired). I'm currently big on US history/politics and economics, and am educating myself more on mental health. I also tend to go on political/philosophical rants and my friends often say I should record them or write them down. Whether or not they're doing so to have more people laugh at my nerd-rage or if they actually think I should share my thoughts, you can find 'em on my blog.

There's more to me than all this, but this is more than enough for all y'all internet folks!